Monday, November 25, 2013

White women and feminism: The romance with Beezlebubba of Hee-Haw

As a white woman, it's been during the last few years I've been jarred awake and left the feminist movement, which used to be attractive to me. Nowadays being white woman in the feminist movement is an operation in self-hatred. You have to constantly demean yourself and confess to your "white privilege" every other sentence. Women themselves are not in charge of the feminist movement any longer - it's trannies, BLACK tranny hookers, oh excuse me, I mean sex workers. They are the most oppressed of the oppressed and if you argue with the extent to which this is ludicrous and has nothing to do with equal rights, you're just an evil white oppressor.

But weren't we all told that it was just about securing equal employment opportunities for women who wanted to work? As with all cultural-Marxist movements, feminism was a lie from the outset. It was never about improving the lives of women, or even about curtailing the abuses of sexual harassment - something which should have been glaringly obvious when the Holy Mother Gloria announced the famous one free grope pass for squid males (Beelzebubba, Lawd Hee-Haw of Arkansas in that instance).

Black on white rapes have been endemic for decades of course, but it was decided all the way back in the early 1970s that this form of rape (often explicitly brutal and ending up in death) would be shoved under the rug. Same has been happening with the Sisterhood in the EUSSR with respect to Musloid gang-rape, forced-prostitution, etc. Feminism is a massive lie. The actual purpose of feminism, rooted in the work of TWMNBN communist (redundant term, sorry) Betty Friedan, is to destroy white marriages, families and children - and enrich the ruling squid-oligarchs at the same time by increasing the labor pool. Average household income has actually gone down since the early 1970s, adjusted for inflation. Elite income has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels. (They now basically own everything).

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