Monday, November 25, 2013

A response to a foolish anon: Eugenicists are not on our side

Only much later will they (perhaps) discover the cause. But by that time, the population will be reduced significantly. No new babies.

I have no idea how it will happen or who will pay for it, or where the research and testing will be done, but it will happen. Peacefully. But it will happen. 

No one will be starved or shot, or pushed onto a reservation. They will just cease to reproduce.


Talk about a Ghost Dance! Who do you think will be targeted? The low-IQ shock troops for the NWO or the group who they've already clearly targeted for extermination (YT)? The folks who own all those high-tech genetic engineering places aren't about to do anything to reduce the numbers of their storm troppers, who (as ex-Brooklynite correctly explained) continue to expand in number despite all the abortion, murder, bad lifestyle choices, etc. Contrast this with the end results of feminism with YT - a population which has plummeted from 90% to 65% in a mere half century. Today's Eugenicists are not on our side.

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